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Hello and thanks for visiting!

I am Shubha. An artist, scientist and music buff! I grew up in India which is a land of nature, art, and myriad colors. These and my personal experiences have greatly influenced my art. 

I remember seeing my great-grandmother and grandmother wake up early in the morning everyday to draw beautiful designs, we call Rangoli, in front of the house. These designs were drawn without any templates or guides, and free hand!


Another big influence was seeing the fascinating sculptures and figurines on the walls and inside temples in South India. Some of these temples are more than 1000 years old and carved out of rocks and stones. How could one not fall in love with this and get inspired?


So began my journey to explore the inner artist in me. I have always aspired to replicate the quality of art I see around me, and despite some of the art I have created so far, I am not anywhere close to where I need to be! Still very much a work in progress. 

My style is inspired by ethnic Indian art and nature. There are various art forms in India including Kalamkari (Qalamkari), Pattachitra, Madhubani, Tanjore, Ganjifa, Chittara, Rajasthani miniature paintings and even Persian influenced Mughal art and architecture. Many of my paintings are also inspired by South Indian temple sculptures and ancient jewelry. 

The name 'CHITRAA' means drawing or painting in my native language, Kannada, and I feel, is a fitting representation of my work. 

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